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Pranami Gems relishes an unpaired supply of rough diamonds. We promote rough diamonds from mining companies all over the world. We are well-known for perceptive sourcing and selling of rough diamonds. Supported by advanced information systems, our people can rapidly identify fast-moving and demanding areas of the polished market. This helps ensure accurate pricing and determining, and supports our sourcing strategy. We provide a number of additional rough diamond services like Quality Control on parcels, Sarin grading reports detailing the diameters and potential return of rough stones.

Pranami gems established core centres of excellence in diamond manufacturing around the world. Manufacturing is the nature of our business and prominence. We have a devoted team of universal buyers, actively acquiring stocks from the worldwide markets. Thus, we are always ready to deliver against the decisive needs of every customer. We monitor all the diamonds we handle, ensuring their ethical provenance. We manufacture volume production of round diamonds of all sizes.

We offer a scope of beneficial services in addition to the supply of polished diamonds. We provide consistent supply to wholesalers and retailers is something we tackle for and recognize the trust and guaranteed quantity of polish diamonds we can offer. We assure that our polished supply is of the excellent quality, reflecting market drive and desires, and are able to add value to our client's business. We ensure that our customer gets the best service in order to provide customer satisfaction.

We are pledged to provide pure, high-quality diamonds at competitive prices. It has always been our belief not to compromise on quality at any point throughout the entire manufacturing process. With our team of procurement experts and offices spread across the globe, keep a close eye on market movements and maintain international quality standards. This is one of the main reasons why our global customers make us their favored business choice in India.

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About Pranami Gems

Pranami Gems is a global leader in producing high-value diamonds. Our vertically unified business model begins with achievement of raw materials and extends to the design, manufacture and distribution of fine diamonds. Learn More